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Project Description
MarcXmlParser is a .NET Class Library software component to provide rich APIs to work with MARCXML records. As this software is Xml wrapper class, it will work the most perfectly with xml documents. With MarcXmlParser, any Marc record elements can be easily created and manipulated.

The MARC formats are standards for the representation and communication of bibliographic and related information in machine-readable form. Visit and for the standard details.

MARCXML data processing is one of main tasks in a library software system today. MarcXmlParser.dll is the best software component that provides you rich API functions to work with MARCXML data in .NET easier than ever.

Overview of the software architecture all class is xml wrapper:

- CRecords class: Working with a marcxml record collection: new,open, save, add/remove record, filter, xslt transform...
- CRecord class: Working with a marcxml record: new, open, save, add/remove controlfields, add/remove datafields, xslt transform...
- CControlfield class: Working with controlfield: new, open, set atrributes, set value
- CControlfields class: Working with an marc record controlfield collection.
- CDatafield class: Working with a datafield: new, open, set atrributes, add/remove subfields
- CDatafields class: Working with an marc record datafield collection.
- CSubfield class: Working with a subfield: new, open, set atrributes
- CSubfields class: Working with a subfield collection.

Please visit tutorials document and try code.

I also built cSharp winform/ webform MarcXml Editor based on MarcXmlParser.dll:

cSharp winform MarcXmlEditor

cSharp ASP.NET MarcXmlEditor

Thank you for visiting my project, hope it is helpful!.

Mr.Vinh, Nguyen Hong
Total Library Solution Provider

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